Student Handbook

You are responsible for reading and knowing the contents of this handbook. Failure to read the regulations will not be considered an excuse for non-compliance.

The Student Handbook is designed to be read from beginning to end using the Next Page > link at the bottom of each page.

Disclaimer: The Hawkeye Community College Student Handbook is not a contract, but is intended solely to give students a description of student practices at Hawkeye Community College and may be withdrawn, revised, or amended at any time. Students are encouraged to invest time to familiarize oneself with the content contained within this document. Students are responsible for adhering to the expectations set forth in the Student Handbook. The authority of Student Handbook at Hawkeye Community College supersedes other campus handbooks and manuals (departmental or program).

Table of Contents

Mission Statement


Electronic Communication Notification

Student and Consumer Information

Admission Policies

Paying for College / Financial Aid


Course Policies

Applying Credits to Your Degree

Grading Policies

Graduation and Commencement

Student Outcomes

Student Records

Student Rights

Student Conduct

Campus Safety

Services for Students

Computer Policies

Student Health

Student Activities and Recreation

Weather and Emergency Information

Additional Policies

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